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I have done quite a bit of graphics design and 3d artwork, I thought this would be a good place to show it off. Items marked with [PDF] will require Adobe Reader, although you shouldn't need a new version, most were created for Acrobat 5.

- I am currently working on a new Flash based webpage that will include some fun stuff I've done with Solidworks, and an update to my photos.

3 Dimensional Artwork. Done in 3d Studio MAX.


A rose.
Both of these objects were created by starting with a square, then modifying it using 3d tools. The only tools I used for these was to "wave" it (so it looks like a sine wave, only with depth and height), and then to twist it along it's Z axis, about 11,000 degrees. The resulting affect would probably cause modern 3d programs to give you an error. Back when this was created, it just inverted a lot of faces and made these neat shapes! Zoom in on the inner ring on swoosh for an interesting detail.


Flat Drawings. Mostly Macromedia Freehand and Adobe Photoshop

[PDF] A flyer for the Big Band Dance! I did this for my highschool (after I graduated).

[PDF] A t-shirt for the MN Band, also created after I graduated.

[PDF] I recreated my fraternity's coat of arms into vector art.

[PDF] My fraternity's old designation.

[PDF] Homecoming 2000 t-shirt design.


[PDF] The Fonzarellies were a punk band in Omaha. I worked with one of the members for a while.

[PDF] This was a fun shirt to make. I own one.

[PDF] I'm not sure if this shirt ever got produced. I think that was a different font that didn't link.

[PDF] A t-shirt design for a basketball tournament that never happened. So the t-shirt never was produced. I was very disappointed (I think it was my best shirt).


Some of My Better Photos

St. Louis Skyline, taken from the Arch

A panorama of Downtown Chicago, taken from the Shedd Aquarium Steps.

Photo from the pressbox of the old Busch stadium.

2006 - Homecoming flag football game

Missouri State Capitol

Just clouds

More Clouds
Cadillac Cien Prototype Jeep prototype
Backside of my home
Megan's dad has a model train.

Yup, it's a fly

A nice photo


Ryan and Dawn

Parent's cat & Christmas Tree

Andrea and Alexis Another Ryan
A tree at night

Mike riding the lawn tractor
Same Mike, the night before Ryan at the racetrack

My mom and uncle Ron

Sea Anemone

Moray Eel