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National League Playoffs 2004; Game 6 of 7
This was the most exciting baseball game I've ever been to! Cardinals won in extra innings, and then went on to win game seven to make it to the world series. The crowd was a deafining roar at the end, all you could hear for about 15 minutes was this constant "sound". Also some good pictures of Megan and myself. Again, if you want full-res versions of any of these photos, let me know.





Tour of Busch Stadium, 5/30/2005
Well, Busch Stadium is gone. Luckly, I went on a stadium tour prior to its demolish. Here are some photos of the "old" Busch stadium, including some nice panoramics. I just used Canon's software to connect the panoramic photos, so they aren't perfect. Pretty neat, anyway!

From the Pressbox - click the image for a larger size, or click on "Full Res" below for the full resolution
[Full Res - warning, 4.3 MB]

A full 360 degree image from on the field
[Full Res - warning, 9.1 MB]

The new stadium being built, 5/30/2005
[Full Res - warning, 2.8 MB]

Busch Stadium, 2005

Apparently, if I want a '62 Corvette, all I have to do is "pull a Mark McGuire" and get a new record homeruns


2006 Season  
I went to the new ballpark. This picture is dedicated to Ryan Kelly. 2006.04.23

 There I am, bad haircut and all.