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Honeymoon in England, April 15th through 22nd, 2007


A view from Trafalgar Square. The National Gallery sits uphill.

Megan and I started our trip in Bath. Bath is a towne of about 100,000 Brits. We started there to ease our way past the jet lag, and to see the Roman Baths, Bath Abbey, and visit the Cotswolds (nearby villages) and see the Avebury and Stonehenge stones. Bath is shown below circled in orange:


The Roman Baths. All the photos with us in them by the water turned out poorly

A Roman Bath statue, with Bath Abbey in the background

Megan at the Roman Baths, standing in front of Bath Abbey

Bath Abbey from the outside

The inside of Bath Abbey

Castle Combe, a small towne in the Cotswolds

Looking down the street in Castle Combe

The Church Steeple in Castle Combe

Megan at a bench at Castle Combe's Church

The Manor House, now a resort in Castle Combe

The old malthouse in Castle Combe, now a hotel

The stones in Avebury

More stones, and the towne of Avebury

Me standing at an Avebury stone


I saw countless Aston Martins in England, here is the only one I got in a photo

A small path in Lacock Village

After two nights in Bath, we continued on to London. We stayed in a nice hotel just a few blocks down the road from Buckingham Palace. We were also within a 1/3 mile of Westminster Abbey.

Our Hotel in London

The plaza behind our hotel in London

Big Ben is behind that clock face. Unfortunately, only Englishmen get to go inside

Admiralty Arch, Opposite St James Park from Buckingham Palace

The British Museum

Inside the London Eye

The pod next to us in the London Eye

Megan in the London Eye

The Palm House in Kew Botanical Gardens

The largest Wisteria I've ever seen: there is a large seating area underneath

Pineapple somethingorother

I took this photo for my Aunt Shelley

Westminster Abbey: Photos are not allowed inside, which is too bad, otherwise there would be more

The moat (now grass) outside the Tower of London

The White Tower, in the middle of the Tower of London

The Tower Bridge, as seen from the Tower of London